The amazing benefits of LED Light therapy.

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D.D.'s Skincare is located in the heart of Preston Hollow, Dallas, Texas. Our story began in 1981, when Debra (DD) Heinsohn began her career as a, “Facialist”. Along the way, many things changed including her job title, now, “Esthetician”. The one steadfast truth, passion to help people enjoy beautiful healthy skin. In 2000, this passion led her to start D.D.'s Skincare. In 2005, she began writing books, and educating others in her field about the amazing benefits of LED Light therapy. In 2008, she developed her own LED Light Therapy device and is currently working on the latest LED device, pushing the known boundaries of skin care.

Our Specialties

  • New Treatment called Plasma Fibroblast Therapy (European)
  • Iderm Classic Facial, Iderm Facial Plus, Intensa LED Light Therapy
  • Deluxe Facial , Cosmetic Needling , Back Treatment
  • Waxing -Hair Removal , Lash-Brow Tinting
  • Custom Jewelry Design (By consultation)

Our Estheticians

Debra (DD) Heinsohn, Esthetician since 1981.

Specializes in Rosacea, Acne, sensitive skins, gluten allergies (yes, they are real) and Acne Rosacea.

Betsy Glaze, Esthetician since 1989.

Betsy is simply the nicest, kindest person who specializes in skincare for all ages, and has a special heart for teens and the elderly. She specializes also in the, Iderm Facial from Derma Culture. This Facial has passed the test of time and was made famous in Beverly Hills, since the 1920s.

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